Supporter:Government Office of Tokyo, Saitama, Ibaraki, Nagano and Tottori, NPO Jido Gyakutai Boushi Zenkoku Net WorkNPO Fathering JapanGospel Music Association JapanJapan Rhythmic Training Association

Promote and Tour management :NY Hallelujah Company LLC

Promotion Assist & Tour and stage management:Deja Byu

Producer:Kyoko Uchiki

Kyoko Uchiki was born in Tokyo, Japan.  She was raised in Japanese family but she did not have any interest in Japanese culture.  Her father loves Jazz and Latin Music, her mother loves Rock’ roll Music; she did not have a chance to listen to Japanese music when she was child.  She started to learn Classical Piano since when she was 5 years old and started to have dream to work in entertainment business in the future.  Kyoko had been working in Entertainment industry since 1987. Most of the time she was taking management work for American artists. In 2000, she planned to produce Gospel Entertainment Show “Gospel Now” with one of the top Entertainment Company "SET Inc". in Japan. Since 2001 “GOSPEL NOW” Japan tour had been running in Japan, and had  10,000 audiences every year.February 26, 2009, Kyoko established her own company " NY Hallelujah Company LLC" in NY to make more opportunity for talented Japanese artist in NY and Japan. She has a lot of business coordinate experience for Japanese Entertainment Company in NY and support filming, recording, event producing and so on. Kyoko is a supporting member of   “Orange Ribbon Movement” which is a organization to stop child abuse in Japan. In NY, she is a member of Harlem Arts Alliance, American Asian Arts Alliance, supporting member of Youth Assembly at UN and McDonald's Gospel Fest.

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